HiTone Guitars Dontates to Wildflower Festival

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Since 2007 HiTone Guitars has built and donated a handmade guitar for the Richardson Wildflower Festival. The Festival has an Art Guitar Auction each year the is made up of guitars that have been turned into works of art. We at HiTone strive to build an instrument that is both Art and Function in one. We have done themed guitars, clear guitars and guitar made of Cigar Boxes in the past. This year we wanted to kick it up a notch.

This year we built and donated 2 guitars that have a similar theme, but are completely different. One guitar has an amazing swirl finish that evokes images of the ocean, while the other is made up of actual Americana items imbed in the the body. By doubling our efforts we hope to raise twice as much money as we normally do to help out the NETWORK of Community Ministries and the fine art programs in the secondary level of the R.I.S.D.

Buying a guitar is not a bad way to give back, too. Thanks for donating!

See videos of Scott Lindsey of The 1969’s and Justin Broderick of Badwater and the

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May 18, 2012

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