About HiTone Guitars

For over 12 years HiTone guitars has been designing and building some of the most interesting and amazing guitars. Our goal is to build high quality instruments for players to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. HiTone guitars was founded by Rob Baker in 2003. Rob’s background is in graphic design. His instruments are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

History of the Luthier

HiTone guitars was founded by Rob Baker in 2003. Rob’s background till that point was an award winning graphic designer.

The tale of HiTone is simple. Rob wanted to buy a cheap guitar to play around with. When his great eBay find turned out to be a turkey he decided to fix it. He had purchased a classic Decca electric guitar and found that it had been spray painted. After some research Rob refinished his first guitar. A sunburst 70’s model Decca.

This lead to the desire to build his own guitar from scratch. Since then Rob has helped other builders around the world with information on how to build a Mosrite surf guitar. He has also been honored with Guitar of the Month from ProjectGuitar.com.

HiTone (pronounced high tone)

HiTone started with Rob Baker and Chris High building two guitars in their garage. Rob, being a graphic designer, wanted to brand the instruments. So, he brainstormed several different names. Hi-Bak, Baker-Hi were among some of the names he came up with. One day while looking on eBay he found a vintage Sivertone guitar. So he dropped the Baker part and added the tone.


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